AL-SyedUnani Dawa Khana is a well researched and modern health care center in Pakistan. We offer the best herbal solutions for all health problems. Saif Health Center is known globally for its herbal cures. AL-SyedUnaniDawa Khana medicines are a combination of old greek and Arabic remedies made with special and unique ingredients. Our products are completely side effect free and have successfully been treating people for over decades.

We claim to be the No. 1 Dawa Khana of Pakistan.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make people healthy. It is our top most priority to give people good advice regarding their health issues. We are aiming to spread our services all around the globe to ensure the good health of people in other places too.

Herbal & Organic

Our Successful Story

10 Our Branches
190 Our Products
210000 Our Clients
30 Success Years